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Writing a book: Titles and Teasers

When I first started to write my book, The Freelancer Chronicles Volume 1: Apex Predators, I realized that a proper title for each act and each chapter could work as a great mood and theme enhancer as well as a foreshadowing tool.

Author's advice: If you are writing a book and you end up using this method, just give a public nod to me and we'll be square.

The following are the titles from Volume 1: with a breakdown/teaser of SOME of them.

Act 1: Born through Pain
- There are moments of birth from pregnancies filled with potentials. This act covers the birth of new conflicts from an ancient war which just went into stasis. New heroes and new villains are created or escalated in this act. Pain is the catalyst which sets things into motion and every hero is flawed from pain. Legends are born and the seeds of greatness or great tragedy are planted and sprinkled across most of the supporting cast. 

Chapter 1: Every beginning starts with an ending
- The end of peace, the end of innocence and of a family. This chapter introduces us to Riana Conlan who is an innocent girl with a bright future who is destined to become one of the legends from the pain that the following chapters put her through.

Chapter 2: All about your partners.
- Here we are introduced to the teams of Rusty, Trakel and Schultz and the team of Laira and Dealer. Both are interesting teams with flavor. Trakel's team is a team of criminal scum who participate in pirate like activity as well as work as mob enforcers and goons. Laira Conlan trains in Shaolin Kung Fu at an academy with her specialized droid "3-I's" which she had placed two other artificial intelligences into, including the program which is named "Dealer" who handles her parents who believe Laira is really at a Law Academy.

Chapter 3: Private wars.
- There are already a few legends out and about in this universe. One is Paladin Joshua Hughes and he is dealing with zombies which are referred to as Zom-Becks by the denizens of the galaxy. He has been disgruntled by the church for a while, so it came as no surprise to him that his entire command was outnumbered and out maneuvered on this mission. The nature of his legend was about to change.

Chapter 4: There are nightmares, and then there are nightmares.

Chapter 5: Things are building up.

Act 2: The sky ripped in half, and oblivion poured forth
- The title of this act represents so many things, from the momentary tearing apart of a stratosphere from an extremely dangerous and highly coordinated fleet of ships. To the concepts of heaven and dreams and hope coming apart at the seams.

Chapter 6: Open wars.

Chapter 7: Danger comes knocking.

Chapter 8: Evolution of the pale.
- The Zom-Becks which have been around and noticed by the galaxy for at least the last three hundred years undergo evolution. The pale is of course a reference to death. Zom-Becks were similar to normal zombies due to their lack of intelligence, their re-animated bodies and their shuffling abouts, but the main difference between Zom-Becks and zombies were that Zom-Becks would infect you through contact with their mold spores and would only hold down people to vomit mold dust all over them, while zombies would hold people down to eat them. Things change and the new breeds of Zom-Becks are smarter, faster and no longer decompose from the mold devouring them. The mold spores are no longer capable of breaking down the fatty lipids of life by itself so the Zom-Becks now experience hunger pains as they are forced to break down nutrients for the mold by eating other people. In essence they become super space zombies with different sub-species of mold granting them different abilities.

Chapter 9: Forging the path

Chapter 10: Pirates, Ninjas and Secrets

Chapter 11: Destruction.

Chapter 12: Into the Darkness.

Chapter 13: More Revelations.

Chapter 14: Dangerous Gambits.

Chapter 15: The paths to vengeance.

Chapter 16: Re-alignments in the game.
- Knowledge and necessity dictates changes in allegiances. Some friends become enemies, some enemies become allies.

Chapter 17: Smoke and Mirrors.

Chapter 18: Set in stone.

Chapter 19: The Wayward Kind.

Act 3: A Legend Dies
- But which legend? Is this the death bell for a legendary persona or the death of an ancient belief and myth? Or both?

Chapter 20: Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Chapter 21: Ripples in the pond.

Chapter 22: When there’s no more room in hell.

Chapter 23: The loudest scream.
- There is a place in the Galaxy called "God's Mouth" no one alive or in recent memory has ever heard it speak. It finally produces sound, which its witness likens to a scream. And God's Mouth scream awakens ancient alien craft on other worlds. These alien craft hold deadly secrets.

Chapter 24:  Apex Predators.
- A legendary warrior with the odds stacked against her, makes a desperate gambit against the number one ranked assassin in the galaxy.

Chapter 25: The Martini.
- The Martini is a phrase which directors use to describe the last shot of the day while on set.


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