Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apex Predators to Evening's Dawn

This concerns the sequel to Apex Predators and has been difficult to write without giving out too many spoilers about both the first and second book. The second book is tentatively titled Evening's Dawn and is named after Laira Conlan's ship.

So... where do I begin this blog post? Beginnings are hard after all.

It begins with a memory which takes place shortly after the end of the Earth that was. Humanity had just conquered a few limits in their ability to travel in local space.

A very young boy by the name of Paul Jordan had witnessed the end through third hand recordings. War had ravaged the planet. The Greys had carpet bombed and the tectonic plates were shifting. There wasn't much time. The population was doomed.

From that memory certain things will be revealed to my readers: subtle clues and foreshadowing.


Jaro and the gunslinger - is a section which is partially written which covers the dust up between a legendary martial artist facing down a legendary gunslinger in a bar in Mob Space. The outcome does have consequences for the future.

The Azurian Corporation becomes emboldened by the mob cutting ties with Don Valdez. Don Valdez was the last link they are aware of to getting to Joachim. Investigators, bounty hunters and high priced negotiators set out to track down their missing money and to get vengeance.

Mina makes her way across the cruel and heartless planet Okpara as she pushes forward to try to complete her mission in taking out the Freelancer Legions.

Riana finds out that even her best soldiers aren't like her as her as Markus and Malik both fail her. In an emotion filled show down, Markus makes Riana see that she lacks a basic part of her emotional makeup. She realizes that she is incomplete from life ripping her to shreds and all the pain that she has had to endure. Inside of herself she sees emptiness and this scares her.

Joshua Hughes has his holy war and comes to regret it as he has lost control of his zombies.

Laira's skills at Shaolin Kung Fu are put to the test as she is forced to pay for some of her brother's sins.

Those are the spoilers for now :)

I hope my readers are looking forward to this as much as I am.

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