Wednesday, April 4, 2012

character thoughts: Chris Quesada

This deals with my science fiction/science fantasy eBook -  The Freelancer Chronicles Vol 1: Apex Predators

When I designed the character, Detective Chris Quesada, I needed a mid level character to help with the suspension of disbelief issues when dealing with criminal cartels. In most science fiction/space opera/science fantasy books (I've read), criminal cartels are rarely investigated by the authorities. Don't get me wrong, often times an active military or mercenary force is sent to deal with them, but is that how the problem should be really addressed by the authorities?

In my book you'll find multiple criminal organizations which are handled in various ways:

There are two pirate organizations that are handled by Riana Conlan, who becomes a dominant force on her own. The pirate organizations operate out of secret bases.

There is Mob Space, where I've dropped subtle hints about undercover agents.

And then there is Tyrion Kohari, a successful businessman who happens to also be a criminal kingpin at the start of the book.  Kohari works on a settled and very busy planet outside of Mob Space and the provincial governor sends in Chris Quesada.

Chris has two missions, one is he is supposed to clean up the local police force which is obviously corrupt and the second he is to get close to Tyrion Kohari. During his journey to clean up corruption, Quesada finds that he is way over his head on this operation and he also becomes corrupted.

The governor's chosen investigator and white knight is forced into situations where he knows he loses all rights to call himself one of the good guys, and this begins to bother him. The first offer of redemption comes to him from a fellow cop which Chris Quesada tortured for information.

His path and actions touch upon the lives of the other major players in this book, from Riana Conlan, to Laira, and eventually to the Zombie Lord: Joshua Hughes.

The book isn't about Chris Quesada, so his full tale will get told across all three planned books (the first one is published). Hopefully I can give enough detail and attention to the journey from good guy to bad guy and the possible and hard climb back in the further volumes.

Hopefully everyone will find even the more minor thread which is Chris Quesada an interesting read. It is a hard balance to flesh out a universe in story and to keep the focus and the pacing.

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