Friday, May 25, 2012

Names and Nods

There are a few nods in my Book -  The Freelancer Chronicles Vol 1: Apex Predators - to other people and other created universes.

Here are a few (in no particular order):
  • Brandon O'Neil and Dennis Sanderson  are of course a mixing of names between Brandon Sanderson (my favorite book author) and Dennis O'Neil (my favorite comic book writer).
  • Zembeckis (the zombie making planet) is an obvious nod to Robert Zemeckis (a full list of his work can be found here).
  • Paul Jordan's last name was changed from Frampton (changed because of a request from my editor: Coyote Holmberg) to Jordan (in honor of Robert Jordan).
  • Detective Chris Quesada was named after Joe Quesada of Marvel Comics fame.
  • The legendary figure Shiva Hull'ak was named after the Shiva because she embodies many of the functions of the Hindu Deity: creation, preservation, destruction, concealment and revelations.
  • When Laira is fist introduced she makes a fake school project about a historic trade embargo and two brash negotiators as well as how the original story is probably better if this version hadn't have been re-marketed to promote toy sales (which is a nod and a commentary to the Star Wars Prequels).
  • At one point in the book, the heroes have to contend with the seventh of nine body guards which have remained standing which is an obvious homage to Star Trek.
  • The inclusion of gun powder bullets and weapons is in direct homage to Firefly/Serenity.
  • If you say C-3PO quickly it kind of sounds like "See three people"... kind of. Well that was the inspiration for the robot 3-I's (as in Laira put in two additional intellects/personalities into a droid).

Character Creation: Laira Conlan

Writing an intriguing character - character creation: Laira Conlan

This deals with my science fiction/science fantasy eBook -  The Freelancer Chronicles Vol 1: Apex Predators

Laira is the youngest of the three main protagonists of the first book. She has an incredible intellect, a strong willpower and the daring to accomplish her ideas. However she lacks wisdom and experience which means that sometimes her plans work out too well in the short run to just fall apart in the long run.

Laira is also the youngest of the three Conlan siblings (which include Riana and Joachim).

When we first encounter her she is a student at the Chan Quan Shaolin Kung Fu Academy yet she has her parents and their nanny bot 3-I's fooled into believing that she was attending a school for law. The challenge was that her nanny bot was always with her. Laira modified her droid and gave it two new and distinct intellects which were Splicer and Dealer. Dealer's job was to be her confident and partner in crime (so to speak) and Splicer's job was to constantly fool 3-I's by looping and modifying a memory from the only day that Laira attended the law school.

Laira's modifications on 3-I's sparks new heights of intelligence and emotions in her droid including fear.

Writing the scenes in it with Laira come with a natural flow and rhythm  to them. She's an extreme martial artist who has studied various martial arts forms, who is part genius and part goth girl. The martial arts maneuvers and techniques she uses and practices are completely real and can be found in books such as this one, and this one, and this one. She also uses techniques and methods which I have learned throughout my own life. I am no master, but I hope I can write Laira as finally becoming one in the next upcoming books.

Despite everything which happens in the first novel and Laira's intellect, she is still just a kid trying to figure things out.