Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Character Creation: Riana Conlan

Writing an intriguing character - character creation: Riana Conlan

This is an insight into a protagonist and main character of the series: Riana Conlan.

( This deals with my science fiction/science fantasy eBook  - The Freelancer Chronicles Vol 1: Apex Predators)

When I wrote Riana Conlan's character, my inspiration was definitely Summer Glau. I started with a beautiful, care-free, smart and athletic character then plunged her world into chaos. I took her and beat her and forged her on the anvil of life and situations outside of her control.

She develops a permanent wound (from a dangerous alien creature) which causes constant necrosis of part of her body, requiring semi-monthly self treatments of burning it out of her flesh through gun powder and fire. Riana is in constant pain from the flesh rotting off of her side and has to occasionally ease back on certain pain killers and switch up what she takes when her body develops a tolerance for certain medications. People she cares for are destroyed in her presence and she goes through a literal rebirth in their blood.

Riana shows strength to the universe, yet behind her eyes lurks pain and a little bit of insanity. From her genius she uncovers secrets to ancient and "lost" technologies and even brings back lost training techniques to create her own armies to help stop the evils  which are coming to destroy them all.

My book takes a girl who is perfect and beautiful and then shatters her and forces her to rise from the ashes or fail and doom the galaxy. She is betrayed by others throughout the book. She becomes both hunted and hunter. Leader and legend. Lost and found.

An innocent girl becomes one of the galaxy's Apex Predators

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