Friday, May 25, 2012

Names and Nods

There are a few nods in my Book -  The Freelancer Chronicles Vol 1: Apex Predators - to other people and other created universes.

Here are a few (in no particular order):
  • Brandon O'Neil and Dennis Sanderson  are of course a mixing of names between Brandon Sanderson (my favorite book author) and Dennis O'Neil (my favorite comic book writer).
  • Zembeckis (the zombie making planet) is an obvious nod to Robert Zemeckis (a full list of his work can be found here).
  • Paul Jordan's last name was changed from Frampton (changed because of a request from my editor: Coyote Holmberg) to Jordan (in honor of Robert Jordan).
  • Detective Chris Quesada was named after Joe Quesada of Marvel Comics fame.
  • The legendary figure Shiva Hull'ak was named after the Shiva because she embodies many of the functions of the Hindu Deity: creation, preservation, destruction, concealment and revelations.
  • When Laira is fist introduced she makes a fake school project about a historic trade embargo and two brash negotiators as well as how the original story is probably better if this version hadn't have been re-marketed to promote toy sales (which is a nod and a commentary to the Star Wars Prequels).
  • At one point in the book, the heroes have to contend with the seventh of nine body guards which have remained standing which is an obvious homage to Star Trek.
  • The inclusion of gun powder bullets and weapons is in direct homage to Firefly/Serenity.
  • If you say C-3PO quickly it kind of sounds like "See three people"... kind of. Well that was the inspiration for the robot 3-I's (as in Laira put in two additional intellects/personalities into a droid).

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